Why more people in their twenties are getting Botox

SARASOTA – Jeff Goldstein, PA-C, is the owner and clinical director of The Laser Lounge Spa. He says he sees more and more younger people coming in. owns the laser lounge spa..he says he sees more and more younger people..
“They’re getting on the trend of wanting to have less wrinkles before they begin, before they get too deep,” Goldstein said.
Goldstein says Botox in your 20’s can prevent the wrinkles from forming in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.
“By getting it injected, it eases those muscles, it relaxes the muscles, so the wrinkles never get deep enough,” Goldstein said.
He says people typically get Botox two to three times a year.
It’s a sometimes pricey procedure, but for millennials with tighter purse strings, there’s the option of ‘baby Botox.’
“…which is a smaller amount to prevent those subtle wrinkles, or to prevent further wrinkles,” Goldstein said.
That’ll set you back around $100.
If you don’t want Botox in your face, Goldstein says there’s another option that’s ‘no sweat.’
You can get Botox in your armpits.
“The Botox actually attacks the sweat glands, relaxes those, and the sweat glands turn off,” Goldstein said.
If you’re on the fence, Goldstein says it’s just a small needle causing a small pinch.
But as is often said, beauty is pain.
“It’s really not that painful, especially because it can be iced prior to injection,” Goldstein said.
He says Botox can cause issues if it’s injected improperly, so make sure you find someone certified, like a medical doctor or physician’s assistant.
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