USFSM students discover new species in Sarasota Bay

SARASOTA – A cousin to ‘roly–poly isopods,’ common to backyards, is found along Sarasota Bay by USF Sarasota–Manatee students.
USFSM assistant biology professor Carlos Santamaria is grateful for once that his students didn’t follow directions.
As a result, they found a previously undiscovered species of isopods in Sarasota Bay’s mangroves, a discovery that came after his students second–guessed him on where to collect the specimens, according to a university news release.
Instead of searching piers and rocky areas as instructed, they explored mangroves and returned with a species not known to occur on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
The Herald–Tribune says, as a result, students Edgar Bischoff, Moe Aye, Keith Phillips and Victoria Overmeyer, now all graduated can lay claim to discovering an isopod species native to local mangroves.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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