Tiny Home Festival coming to St. Pete

ST. PETERSBURG – More than 20 tiny homes, converted school bus “Skoolies” and converted vans are expected in St. Petersburg April 7-8 for the St. Pete Tiny Home Festival, presented by St. Petersburg College.
The festival, organized by LocalShops1 and Ivy Group Consultants, will feature the latest in tiny home trends, the organizers say.
The Herald–Tribune says the festival also will include more than two dozen leading experts in tiny homes, which typically are under 500 square feet and sometimes as small as 100 square feet.
The homes’ affordability and reduced carbon footprint, plus popular shows about them on HGTV, have garnered popular interest if not a rush to buy them.
The tiny homes also can be built on wheels, giving them the advantage of mobility.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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