Nathan Benderson Park preps for Irma

SARASOTA- The World Rowing Championships are just 16 days away. Many may be wondering how Hurricane Irma will affect the park.
But it’s business as usual at Nathan Benderson Park.
Championship organizers went through extensive training to prepare for bad weather. The 284 tents expected at the event won’t be built until after the storm passes.
Larger structures at the park are anchored and built to handle severe winds.
Executive Director, Meredith Scerba isn’t worried about the storm, “We’ve banked in some extra time in our schedule build–out that allows us to have some flexibility,” she said, “So what we’ve done to this point, our grand stand as you can see, is being built at this time. It will go up to a certain level. Everything, plus the structure of the roof however we won’t put the cover on it or the canopy.”
Only one team will face complications in route to Sarasota this weekend. Travel adjustments will be made as needed. But overall, the event is right on schedule.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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