Myakka River area severely floods following Irma

NORTH PORT- North Port residents saw flooding a couple of weeks ago when the Myakka River overflowed. Now after Irma, they’re faced with the most severe floods most residents have ever seen.
Roads have about four to five feet of standing water.
“It’s just been one thing after another, so right now we’re just in continuation of preparing for the worst,” North Port public information officer Josh Taylor said.
Irma is really testing the strength of the Myakka River district
“I believe it’s been 12 years since it flooded like this,” North Port firefighter and paramedic Famke Wolbers said.
But, it’s nothing the city can’t handle.
“Just been driving around now just letting people know that we’ve got air boats and we can take ’em out if they need to be rescued,” Wolbers said.
“If somebody has an emergency and they need to get in, we have the ability of the trucks to get in and get ’em,” Taylor said.
SNN rode along on top of one of those brush trucks to see the damage firsthand..which has escalated since Monday.
“We were driving around and the roads were pretty passable. Today the river has definitely crested more,” Wolbers said.
The city issued a voluntary evacuation and provided a shelter for residents, but people are staying put.
“A lot of people are aware that it floods out here, and they’re not concerned,” Wolbers said.
Theyre also aware of the possible gators and snakes in the water, but that doesn’t stop them from riding around on four-wheelers and making the best of it.
“They’re kinda used to this sort of thing during a rain event,” Taylor said. “We were expecting not only this but massive destruction.”
Amazingly there have been no reports of water actually getting into any of the houses. Now, all the city can do is hope the rain stays away.
“If this is the worst we got, we’re doing alright,” Taylor said.
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