Marilynn Preston visits Sarasota on “All Is Well” tour

SARASOTA – Journalist Marilynn Preston is the author of America’s longest-running healthy lifestyle column.
Her new book All Is Well, will make you want to clear your fridge…and your mind.
Her column “Energy Express” started 41 years ago as a fitness column. Now, Preston has expanded to personal well-being.
“It turns out to be an interesting topic, better than fitness,” Preston said. “More than how many times you’ve visited the gym or  how many crunches you can do.”
You hear it all the time: eat right and get your steps in. But in All Is Well, she says those are just parts of the equation.
“It’s about how much time you take in the day for human interaction, very important to your health,” Preston said. “How you deal with the devices in your life, distraction, the stress.”
She says increasing personal well-being stems from one major catalyst.
“Change, which I’m fascinated by,” Preston said. “How do some people make positive changes, and others really cannot?”
She acknowledges change isn’t linear. It can be two steps forward, and one step back.
“Set small, realizable goals,” she said. “A goal of, ‘I’m gonna lose 20 pounds in a month’ sets you up for failure, and that kind of failure gets in the way of any forward motion.”
Preston says in the ’70s, when she started her column, people thought the mind-body connection was just another name for the neck.
“The mind, left on its own devices, will always be in the past, or it’s jumping ahead to the future, and very often, it’s thinking negative things about the future. All of that is deadly to well-being,” Preston said.
The key? Being present.
“Things happen, but then you develop a philosophy of how do I get back to happiness, health, a state of balance,” Preston said. “Being in the ‘now’ is what helps you.”
Right now, All Is Well with her. If that changes, though, she knows what to do.
“The responsibility is on you to say, ‘A year from now, what kind of life do I want to be living?’” Preston said.
If you’d like to meet Preston and get a copy of All Is Well, she’ll be at the HuB Friday at 5:30, and Selby Library Monday at 10:30.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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