Manatee County celebrates World’s Oceans Day

MANATEE COUNTY – Manatee County’s Parks and Natural Resources Department host the second annual World Oceans Day Festival.
At 9 a.m. until noon, kids and families participated in a variety of free ocean themed activities, learning about the ocean and World’s Oceans Day.
Exhibitors lead the activities, contributing hands-on educational activities and information that help participants learn more about taking care of the Ocean and the environment.
“What I’ve been doing with the kids is they clean [out the water] and I talk to them about how long it took to clean it out then we filter the water because afterwards we have to filter the water if there’s trash in it. They filter it then they’re like ‘oh my gosh there’s still trash and oil and everything else that was in the water’,” said Alexis Schofield who is Florida Maritime Museum’s Education Coordinator. “So they really understand that if fish are eating this and we’re eating fish then it’s still getting in our bodies.”
“They don’t teach you that much really in school so it’s good to have the event out here so that it educates the kids more on how to take care of the ocean because the ocean is what we need,” said  Amber Harper who attended the Manatee County World Oceans Day Festival.
World Oceans Day represents a partnership between Manatee County and multiple other water- and ocean-related organizations in Southwest Florida.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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