Gulf Gate Golf Course likely will become residential community

SARASOTA – Once a golf course, now overgrown grass and weeds, surrounded by barbed wire.
Medallion Homes bought the Gulf Gate Golf Course in May, to build a gated community.  Sarasota County Planning Commissioners voted in May to rezone the property. Medallion is owned by U.S. Senate candidate Carlos Beruff. His company plans to build 109 homes in a gated community, essentially within the Gulf Gate neighborhood.
Gulf Gate homeowner Richard Meyer says Medallion never gave a clear cut answer why they put up the barbed wire fence. “They thought it was to protect people from getting out on the course and getting injured maybe getting into the ponds.” he says.
Another One Gulf Gate homeowner, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, says the barbed wire presents serious concern.  Inside the barbed wire, are horses. Sarasota Code Enforcement says the property is zoned as residential with an agricultural classification, which appears to give Beruff the option to keep horses on the property.  Meyer suspects Beruff did this to get a tax break. We reached out to Beruff and are still awaiting comment.
Meyer says Florida continues to build, which benefits developers financially, but diminishes the natural beauty of our state. “The golf course which is not making any money, not performing as it should, so it became available for development,” he says.
Gulf Gate residents are fighting the change, fearing increased traffic congestion, reduced property values, and perhaps most of all, losing the golf course as part of their backyards. “Green space I think plays an important role in the way people live, it’s important to have places to walk, to bicycle,” says Meyer.
The Sarasota County Commission has the final say in the property’s rezoning. The date for the hearing is tentatively set for July 13.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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