Glassblowing class comes to Ringling College of Art and Design

SARASOTA – Friday was the first class in a brand new glassblowing facility, which Noah Coleman says wouldn’t be possible without Dr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Basch.
“They gave a lot of support for this building,” Coleman, studio manager and technician of Basch Visual Arts Center at Ringling College said. “It’s really exciting because it represents a new medium that hasn’t been at Ringling College before.”
Coleman says he loves the paradoxical nature of glass.
“It’s rigid when it’s cold; it’s fluid when it’s warm,” Coleman said.
The furnace is kept at 2,100 degrees, and to slowly cool the glass, you’re looking at about 900 degrees.
It’s an art form with a steep learning curve, which Coleman, who started glassblowing 10 years ago, knows all too well.
“It’s a really physical medium; you’re using your whole body,” Coleman said. “It’s like dance in some ways because you’re trying to move around.”
All while trying to keep it at the perfect temperature.
It’s a daunting task, but Coleman says he tries to make molding minds, and glass, fun.
“One thing I always tell students is that they should expect to burn themselves and cut themselves, but we do take a lot of precautions,” Coleman said.
So next time you buy that vase or paperweight, think of the hands behind it.
“I think people underestimate how many steps it takes to get to the final product,” Coleman said.
The class is open to the public, and for openings keep an eye on the Ringling College Continuing Studies website.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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