Florida Gov. Rick Scott Announces Senate Campaign

SARASOTA – “So today.. With my wife by my side… I am announcing I am running for the U.S. senate for the great state of Florida,” said Governor Rick Scott in a campaign announcement at ODC Construction in Orlando.
Florida Republican Rick Scott has served as governor since 2011.
A multi-millionaire businessman who never ran for office until 2010 when he ran for Governor, Scott is leaving office due to term limits.
As a political outsider and later an unpopular incumbent, Scott beat the odds and got elected — then re-elected — as Florida’s governor.
It appears he intends to play maverick card again:
“I didn’t fit in to Tallahassee because I didn’t play the insider games. I never intended to fit in to Tallahassee and guess what, I’m not going to fit into Washington either,” said Scott.
It took $86 million of his family’s money in to win the governorship twice, even when Republicans did well nationwide.
The upcoming election could be one of the most expensive and highly watched races in the nation.
“They both are going to have a lot of money. So this is like celebrity death match. This is going to be the real thing that people all over the country will be looking at,” said Keith Fitzgerald who is a New College Political Science professor and former Democratic State Representative.
Scott, Florida’s first Chief Executive to have a full-time political committee, Let’s Get to Work, which has raised and spent more than $57 million on TV ads, polling and efforts to promote his agenda or push back at those who cross him.
Scott collected $3.5 million last year for Let’s Get to Work.
Nelson has more than $8 million cash-on-hand for the contest. Big money from both Republican and Democratic sides is certain to flow into the race.
“I think everybody who watches politics knows this is going to be a really big match up. Again, Governor Scott has been underrated in the past and he’s performed better than people thought. Senator Nelson has been consistently underrated and I think he may be the most popular politician in the state of Florida,” said Fitzgerald.
Scott wants to ride his popularity all the way to D-C:
“We must change Washington. We will change Washington. Together let’s get Washington to work,” said Scott.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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