Filmmaker shares personal story of sexual assault at SFF

SARASOTA- This week a duo of filmmakers from LA premiere their documentary at the Sarasota Film Festival; a personal story of sexual assault.
It was a moment in time, Jillian Corsie tried to erase from her memory.
“When I was 18-years-old, I was raped in my college dorm room and when I reported it to the police, they told me under the state law, it was considered consensual and they told me ‘don’t mix alcohol and beauty’,” Corsie said.
12 years and thousands of #METOO tweets later, Jillian is speaking out against sexual assault.
“I had Amy, who is also a doc filmmaker and we always talked about wanting to collaborate and when I decided this was the time to take a camera and have a more intimate look at what happened to me, I asked her to co-direct with me,” Corsie said.
The film is called Second Assault.
“Reporting sexual violence is sometimes more traumatic than the event itself, when your community, society, everyone questions you. No one believes you,” Corise’s co-director, Amy Rosner said.
In the film, Corsie returns to her campus in Arizona.
Corsie said, “It was a pretty anxiety–inducing experience but meeting with that officer was a great thing because it helped me to let go of a lot of anger.”
The duo hopes the documentary will provide comfort to those hiding behind their story.
“I think the most important thing is, we believe you. We believe women and that’s something we talk about a lot is the systemic silencing of women’s voices,” Corsie said.
Second Assault premieres at the Sarasota Film Festival Tuesday night at 6 and Wednesday afternoon at 3:15.
Rosner said, “We’re so excited to go to Sarasota Film Festival, we really really wanted to get into this festival. So honored and happy to be here.”
April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Agencies like Hope Family Services, Women’s Resource Center, and SPARCC provide support for victims on the Suncoast.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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