Charlotte County relieved the damage was not worse after Irma

CHARLOTTE COUNTY-  The damage in Charlotte County could have been much worse after Hurricane Irma, but there’s still work to be done.
Oliver Heyes has lived in his trailer home since 1975, but after it was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew he wasn’t taking any chances with Irma.
“Well they came up and put the boards on the window, then we went down to my daughters in North Fort Myers, she has a cement block house,” said Heyes.
He returned home Tuesday afternoon, relieved his home was still standing. “Just the shingles, a few shingles off the roof, something we can replace,” said Heyes.
But the county is working hard and surveying the twenty two hundred miles of Charlotte County.
“Our primary emphasis is to get the stuff off the road to make the roads safe, and to be clear we are not done doing that, and we probably won’t be done for a couple more days,” said John Elias, Public Works Maintenance Operations Manager.
Down trees, and power lines were anticipated but Elias says the county has more flooding than expected.
“Is we have many roads that are under water, so we are just getting out there and closing these roads and evaluating those and  putting out signs of roads under water  or if at all passable , like to leave them open and warn people that the roads under water. But if it’s too deep, we are closing the roads,” said Elias.
There were 6 road closures and more can be expected as the county continues to clean up.
They are relieved the worst is over.
“I thought there would be a lot more, but thank God there it can be raked up.”
“This can be fixed, no lives lost, that’s the main thing.”
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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