Aspiring Journalists Get Some Expert Advice

TAMPA –  The future of journalism is in this room.
“I have wanted to this my whole life,” said Hailey Clements.
Aspiring journalists from USF met with SNN’s news director, Craig Burdick about what it takes to succeed in this new era of broadcast news.
“If we can tell compelling stories about people then we have done our job,” said Burdick.
Storytelling is what excites 24-year- old Logan Fagg.
“I like to focus on people, so that’s really what made me do it, I love people and I love talking to people and I love hearing their stories and I think everyone needs  to hear their stories and they deserve to have their stories heard,” said Fagg.
Hailey Clements says she’s ready to face the challenges ahead.
“I know how hard of a worker I am and even if I don’t know how to do something, I can push myself,” said Clements.
Growing up in the age of information and social media Fagg explains the responsibility of credibility relies upon us.
‘We are on our phones, or I pads and  tablets, we can get our news, there’s no excuse for people our age to not know it, to no find out the truth themselves, that’s my biggest thing , report the truth know the truth,” he explained.
Burdick says stay true to the values, be curious, remain fair and get the facts right
“It’s all of these things rolled into one,” said Burdick.
Remaining relentless these new journalists are eager to embark on this journey.
“I’m very excited for the future because I am completely confident I can do this,” said Fagg.
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Author: Bradenton Magazine

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